Temporary exhibit: September 1 - November 10, 2022




The artistic exhibition “Stone Alive” is proposed successively in two historical scientific institutions: at the Geological Museum of Lisbon (founded in 1859) and at the Mineralogy Museum of Paris School of Mines (Ecole des Mines de Paris, founded in 1783). Two versions of the exhibition will be presented, including Portuguese and French artists. The exhibition is complemented by an educational program developed for the public with interdisciplinary events, in each museum, where art and science intertwine.

As part of the France-Portugal Season, this artistic event aims to pay tribute to these two European museums and the role they have both played in the cultural history of the two European capitals. The exhibition makes it possible to connect rocks and minerals - true natural works of art - with contemporary artistic objects, reinforcing the perpetually innovative potential of these historical collections.

The exhibition launches a reflection on the pollination between scientific and artistic information centered on stones - as a primordial symbol of both artistic practice (being the "matter of art") and the production of scientific knowledge (encompassing fields such as geology, astronomy, geodesy, archaeology, etc.). These themes are applied in the contemporary context, where stone is a living material, in constant reinvention - through scientific and artistic practice - between the natural and the artificial, between the virtual and the real. The exhibition asks the question: what is the potential of stones today? Each of the artists will present an interpretation of stones regarding their own cultural context.


The exhibition is accessible with a standard paid entrance (no additional cost for the exhibition).


STONE ALIVE - Mines Paris - PSL

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