CLIVAGES - October 18 until November 25, 2017 -

Exhibition of contemporary jewelry, part of the "Parcours Bijoux 2017"


CLIVAGES - the exhibition at the Mineralogy Museum. Copyright: Mineralogy Museum MINES ParisTech. Photo E. Gaillou.


CLIVAGES - The concept - 


CLIVAGES interrogates the "stone" material, from its essence to the object that it becomes, as much as the frame in which it intervenes. Both visual and narrative conceptual approaches are presented. The goal of this event is to stimulate public questioning, both about the nature of the materials used today in the jewelery world and about their function. The choice of the Mineralogy Museum is not trivial. It is a place of classification, of study, of census of specimens at once impressive, rare, with diverse scientific interests. Integrating a set of contemporary jewels that jostle the traditional codes of the jewel, and disrupt the scientific spirit of the museum, creates a striking cleavage between these worlds yet bound by the stone material.

The exhibition brochure can be found by clicking here.


Age of obsidian - necklace - 2015, by Marion Fillancq. Armenian obsidian & gold-plated (24kt) brass. Copyright & photo: Marion Fillancq


CLIVAGES - The Artists - 


Sébastien CARRÉ





Julia Maria KÜNNAP


Katharina DETTAR



Ana Carolina ESCOBAR


CLIVAGES - Photo album -

A first taste of the exhibition.


Molb G1 - necklace - by Edu Tarin. Granite & silver. Copyright: Edu Tarin. Photo E. Gaillou.


Regret - brooch - by Julia Maria Künnap. Obsidian & gold. Copyright Julia Maria Künnap, photo E. Gaillou.


A grand day out - earrings - by Julia Maria Künnap. Smoky quartz & gold. Copyright Julia Maria Künnap, photo E. Gaillou.


Souvenir algua - ring - by Jordane Somville.  Dead coral, silver-plated brass, rubber. Copyright Jordane Somville, photo E. Gaillou.


Fogotten Worlds IV - ring - by Elvira Golombosi. Pink quartz, obsidian, "falcon eye". Copyright Elvira Golombosi. Photo E. Gaillou.


Je suis paysage - necklace - by Sébastien Carré. Green garnet, agate, malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, cordierite, seashell, pearl. Copyright Sébastien Carré / Mineralogy Museum MINES ParisTech. Photo E. Gaillou.


Vertebra - dorsale - by Marion Fillancq. Armenian obsidian & gold-plated (24kt) brass. Copyright Marion Fillancq, photo E. Gaillou.


 Hand biface - necklace - by Marion Fillancq. Obsidian from Sardaigne & gold-plated (24kt) brass. Copyright Marion Fillancq, photo E. Gaillou.


Stille life II - necklace - by Régina Dabdab. Quartz, gold-plated bronze, wood, pyrite, copper, silver. Copyright: Régina Dabdab, photo E. Gaillou.


Inclusion I (Migraciones series) - brooch - by Ana Carolina Escobar. Quartz, silver, stainless steel, ink powder. Copyright Ana Carolina Escobar, photo E. Gaillou.


Overview of part of the CLIVAGES exhibit at the Mineralogy Musem MINES ParisTech. Copyright: Mineralogy Musem MINES ParisTech, photo E. Gaillou.




CLIVAGE, the contemporary jewelry exhibit. - Mines Paris - PSL

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