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Our collections are distributed in different rooms inside a gallery dating from 1856.

The entrance room (Room A): Displays some of the most spectacular specimens of the Museum.

The Haüy room (Room B): Contains 5 educational display cases dedicated to mineralogy and crystallography.

Room F: Dedicated to petrography, with some magmatic and metamorphic rocks.

Rooms G to O: This 80-meter long gallery presents different rooms containing the heart of the collection. Minerals are classified following the international Strunz classification, which takes into account the chemical composition of the mineral. The classification begins in Room G, with the native elements, and ends in Room O, with the silicates.

Room L: In the display cases along the wall and along the windows, the visitor will find our gem collection.

Room O: Next to the window, two displays cases present some meteorites and some synthetic minerals.


You are welcome to join our Facebook page and Twitter feed in order to see photos and anecdotes on minerals, rocks, gems and meteorites of the School of Mines (MINES ParisTech) collection. You will have access to simple but efficient information on:

  • Elements, their ore and their use
  • Composition of minerals and their properties
  • Use of minerals in industry
  • Rocks, their properties and their use
  • History of mineralogy and portrait gallery of famous geologists.



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Minerals of the Paris School of Mines - MINES ParisTech

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