Room K: Carbonates and oxides


Floor map of the Mineralogy Museum

Twinned Aragonite

(Display case K35, sample #2376, from Minglanilla, Cuenca, Spain)


Fontainebleau Calcite

(Display case K7, sample #1842, Bellecroix, Fontainbleau, Seine-et-Marne, France)


Urchin in Calcite

(K33 Echantillon 2275, from Fresville, Manche, France)

Published in Lacroix, "Minéralogie de la France", tome III, page 444, fig.28.



(Display case K34, sample #16105, from Eugi, Navarre, Spain)



(Display case K31, sample #17745, from Capillitas, Andalgala, Argentina)


Twinned rutile

(Display case J37, sample #13158, from Dom Bosco, Minas Gerais, Brazil)


Rutile on hematite

(Display case J29, sample 5139, from Cavradi, Disentis, Switzerland)


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