The Haüy Room


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The Haüy room (Room B) offers visitors some exceptional minerals to look at, including the large rough diamond on its kimberlite host (#6367) and the plate covered in quartz crystals from la Gardette Mine, France (#6369). Around the room, educational display cases explain the sciences of mineralogy and crystallography.In particular, the display cases outline the discovery and development of crystallography by the french mineralogist Hauy, as well as the different characteristics used to identify minerals. 


Dendritic silver

(Display case B3, sample #63958 from Pola, Schwarzenberg, Saxe, Germany)


Diamond in its kimberlite

(Display case B7, sample #6367, from the Premiere Mine, Kimberley, South Africa)


Coming soon


La Gardette Quartz

(Display case B7, sample #6369, from La Gardette, Villard-notre-Dame, Isère, France)

Exceptional minerals in the Haüy chamber - MINES ParisTech

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